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Exterior of WWHAM in Alliance, Ohio

The World War History & Art Museum (WWHAM) is dedicated to the preservation, presentation, and promotion of the history of World War I and World War II, especially as expressed in original art by the men and women who served in those conflicts. WWHAM is largely guided by three principles:

Interior of WWHAM

Interior of WWHAM
  1. "One of a kind beats a full house." We endeavor to collect and exhibit unique art and relics that can be seen no where else. We major in singular pieces and exhibits, not the commonplace.
  2. "Show and tell leaves more of an impression than showing off." With its traveling exhibits, WWHAM is now seeking to show and tell to a wider audience. If your museum or venue is interested in booking one of our exhibits, please contact us. We have CD-ROMs available with extensive images and information about the Brushes With War collection of original art by the troops of WWI and about the Iron Fist HO scale model of the 2nd Panzer Division.
  3. "Museums are the tip of the iceberg." Most war relics and art of historical value are spread around in private hands, not institutions. So WWHAM actively seeks to acquire art and artifacts from private collections so they can be seen by the general public. We also act as a broker to get war relics into the hands of other collectors who will appreciate and display them. If you have items or a collection that WWHAM might be interested in buying, please contact us.
Interior of WWHAM Interior of WWHAM

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